Mathematical Model of the Transmission Dynamics of Lassa Fever with Separation of Infected Individual and Treatment as Control Measures

S. C. Nwasuka, I. E. Nwachukwu, P. C. Nwachukwu

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Perturbation Approach in the Dynamic Buckling of a Model Structure with a Cubic-quintic Nonlinearity Subjected to an Explicitly Time Dependent Slowly Varying Load

A. M. Ette, I. U. Udo-Akpan, J. U. Chukwuchekwa, A. C. Osuji, M. F. Noah

Page: 1-19
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Cramér-Rao Bound of Direction Finding Using a Uniform Hexagonal Array

Grace Wakarima Ndiritu, Dominic Makaa Kitavi, Cyrus Gitonga Ngari

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Numerical Solution to One-dimensional Consolidation by the Finite Element Method

E. Nwankwo, O. D. Aluko, S. Iyeke, A. Aladenika

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Approximate Solution Technique for Singular Fredholm Integral Equations of the First Kind with Oscillatory Kernels

Vivian Ndfutu Nfor, George Emese Okecka

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