A Measure for Evaluating the Degree of Slope Rotatability in Three Level Second Order Slope Rotatable Designs

Chepkemoi Ednah, John Muindi Mutiso, Fredrick Oluoch Nyamwala

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Asymptotic Analysis of the Static and Dynamic Buckling of a Column with Cubic - Quintic Nonlinearity Stressed by a Step Load

A. M. Ette, J. U. Chukwuchekwa, I. U. Udo–Akpan, W. I. Osuji

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Global Existence and Blow-up of Classical Solution for an Attraction-repulsion Chemotaxis System with Logistic Source

Lijun Yan, Zuodong Yang

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Optimal Control of an ”SIR” Epidemic Model in a Chemostat Using Some Suitable Protein Doses

Miled El Hajji

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Optimal Control Analysis of an Age-Structured Malaria Model Incorporating Children under Five Years and Pregnant Women

George Theodore Azu-Tungmah, Francis T. Oduro, Gabriel A. Okyere

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