Some Geometry of Affine Immersion of General Co-dimension

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Silas Longwap
Homti E. Nahum
Gukat G. Bitrus


After a careful study of some works of servaral authors on affine immersion of co-dimension one [1], co-dimension two [2], co-dimension three [3] and co-dimension four [4], we extend some of thier fundamental equations to affine immersion of genaral co-dimension p. Furthermore, we extend some theorem of Frank Dillen at el in [5] to affine immersion of general co-dimension and obtain the divisibility of the cubic forms by the second fundamental forms.

Affine connections, affine immersion, general co-dimension.

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Longwap, S., Nahum, H. E., & Bitrus, G. G. (2020). Some Geometry of Affine Immersion of General Co-dimension. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 35(9), 1-13.
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