Using the Differential Transform Method to Solve Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations

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Fadwa A. M. Madi
Fawzi Abdelwahid


In this work, we reviewed the two-dimensional differential transform, and introduced the differential transform method (DTM). As an application, we used this technique to find approximate and exact solutions of selected non-linear partial differential equations, with constant or variable coefficients and compared our results with the exact solutions. This shows that the introduced method is very effective, simple to apply to linear and nonlinear problems and it reduces the size of computational work comparing with other methods.

Two-dimensional differential transform, partial differential equations, differential transform method

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Madi, F. A. M., & Abdelwahid, F. (2020). Using the Differential Transform Method to Solve Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 35(8), 34-43.
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