Modelling and Prediction of Outpatients Department on Hospital Attendance at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital Using the Box-Jerkins ARIMA Model

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Bridget Sena Borbor


Aims: Outpatient department is one of the first points of contact for patients accessing health care and provide patients with their primary healthcare as they seek services at the facility. With the introduction of community-based health planning and services, there seems that the outpatient departments have witnessed corresponding progressive and significant increase in attendance at the various health facilities in Ghana of which the research seeks to investigate.

Materials and Methods: The data collected were outpatient hospital attendance of patients on a monthly basis from 2012 to 2019 obtained from the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital. Box Jenkins’s methodology of time series analysis was used to analyse the data. The modified Box Pierce (Ljumg-Box) Chi-square statistic criteria of the largest  and minimum Chi-square statistic value was in selecting the best fitted model for outpatient department attendance.

Results: The autocorrelation function (ACF) and partial autocorrelation function (PACF) plots suggested an autoregressive (AR) process with order 2 and moving average (MA) process with order 1 which was used in selecting the appropriate model. Candidate models were obtained using the lowest Chi-square value and highest value to select adequate models and the best model. The best non-seasonal model for the data was ARIMA (2, 2, 1) for the outpatient department attendance. Model diagnostics test was performed using Ljung-Box test.

Conclusion: The findings of the forecast showed that OPD visits will increase in the next five years. Specifically, continued use of the outpatient department in accessing health care at all levels will experience an increase in hospital visits across the months from June 2020 to December 2025.  Recommendations from this research included among others that, the health authorities should continue to expand the outpatient department services to increase access to healthcare by all as it services goes to the core people in the community.

Time series analysis, ARIMA model, outpatient hospital attendance, forecasting trends.

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Borbor, B. S. (2020). Modelling and Prediction of Outpatients Department on Hospital Attendance at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital Using the Box-Jerkins ARIMA Model. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 35(8), 1-12.
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