Fractal Properties of Pore Distribution of Electrospun Nanofiber Membrane

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Bai Chun- yu
Chen Ying
Liu Yong
Shi Luo- yi
Chen Ru- dong


Due to the complex and chaotic characteristics of elecrtospun nanofiber membrane, fractal theory is a suitable mathematical framework. Using the fractal theory, Matlab and other computer software in Mathematics, the fractal properties of pore distribution of elecrtospun nanofiber membrane and the relationship between the fractal dimension and the physical properties of nonwovens are studied. Thirty samples were produced by using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)on the DXES-01 automatic electrostatic spinning machine; BMP images of 30 samples were obtained by TM-1000 table scanning electron microscope; The scanning electron micro-scope images were grayed by digital image processing technology, and the average pore width of the samples was further calculated by Matlab software from the gray value matrix; G-P algorithm is used to calculate the fractal dimension of pore width distribution; The relationship between air flow resistance and the fractal dimension of pore width distribution of electrospun nanofiber membrane was analyzed. Finally, the correlation fractal dimension of the average pore width of electrospun nanofiber membrane has a quadratic function relation with the air flow resistance; The correlation fractal dimension of the average pore width obtained is consistent with the fractal dimension of porosity obtained by Ting Wang under the meaning of the relative error less than 10%is the same.

Elecrtospun nanofibers, average pore width, correlation fractal dimension, the fractal.

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yu, B. C.-, Ying, C., Yong, L., yi, S. L.-, & dong, C. R.-. (2020). Fractal Properties of Pore Distribution of Electrospun Nanofiber Membrane. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 35(7), 96-105.
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