The Fornberg-Whitham Equation Solved by the Differential Transform Method

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Helena Nayar
Patrick Azere Phiri


The Differential Transform Method is a powerful analytical method that can solve nonlinear partial differential equations. Yet, the method cannot be used to solve time-dependent partial differential equations that involve more than one partial derivative with respect to the temporal variable t when they are of the same order, as in the case of the Fornberg-Whitham type equations. In this paper, a new theorem is devised to overcome the aforementioned problem of
the method, and it has been successfully applied to solve the Fornberg-Whitham equation. The other equations belonging to this group of equations, such as the Camassa-Holm equation and the Degasperi-Procesi equation, may also be solved by this approach.

Differential Transform method, Fornberg-Whitham equation.

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Nayar, H., & Phiri, P. A. (2020). The Fornberg-Whitham Equation Solved by the Differential Transform Method. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 35(7), 85-95.
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