Ideally Statistical Convergence in n-normed Space

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Nazneen Khan
Amani Shatarah


The aim of the article is to extend the concept of Ideally statistical convergence from 2 normed spaces to n-normed space. We have also study and prove some important algebraic and topological properties of Ideally-statistical convergence of real sequences in n-normed space. In the last part of this article we obtain a criterion for I-statistically Cauchy sequence in n-normed space to be I-statistically Cauchy with respect to ∥.∥∞.

Statistical convergence, Ideal convergence, Filter, statistically Cauchy sequence, real sequences, n-normed space.

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Khan, N., & Shatarah, A. (2020). Ideally Statistical Convergence in n-normed Space. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 35(7), 75-84.
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