A Comparative Study of Solving Methods of Transportation Problem in Linear Programming Problem

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Farzana Sultana Rafi
Safiqul Islam


The paper is related with the basic transportation problem (TP)which is one kind of linear programming problem (LPP). There are some existing methods for solving transportation problem and in this paper all the standard existing methods has been discussed to understand which one is the best method among them. Among all of existing methods, the Vogel’s Approximation Method (VAM) is considered the best method which gives the better optimal result then other methods and North-West Corner Rule is considered as simplest but gives worst result. A C programming code for Vogel’s Approximation Method have been added in the appendix.

Linear programming problem, transportation problem, north west corner rule, Vogel’s approximation method, optimal solution, basic feasible solution.

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Rafi, F. S., & Islam, S. (2020). A Comparative Study of Solving Methods of Transportation Problem in Linear Programming Problem. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 35(5), 45-67. https://doi.org/10.9734/jamcs/2020/v35i530281
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