Combined PCA-Daugman Method : An Effcient Technique for Face and Iris Recognition

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Md. Mahbubul Alam
Md. Ashikur Rahman Khan
Zayed Us Salehin
Main Uddin
Sultana Jahan Soheli
Tanvir Zaman Khan


Face and iris are very common individual bio-metric features for person identification. Face recognition is the method of identification a person uniquely using face. Principal component analysis is one of the algorithms for face recognition. Iris recognition in another method of person identification using iris. Very popular iris recognition method is Daugman algorithm. Unimodal biometric system has various difficulties to detect a person like noisy and unusual data. Multimodal biometric system combined more than one individual modalities like face and iris to increase the efficiency. In this work, we combined principal component analysis and Daugman algorithm with ORL, YALE, CASIA and Real face dataset to combine face and iris recognition to improve the recognition efficiency.

Principal component analysis, daugman algorithm, face recognition, iris recognition, person identification.

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Alam, M. M., Khan, M. A. R., Salehin, Z. U., Uddin, M., Soheli, S. J., & Khan, T. Z. (2020). Combined PCA-Daugman Method : An Effcient Technique for Face and Iris Recognition. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 35(5), 34-44.
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