Mean Square Asymptotic Boundedness of Stochastic Complex Networks via Impulsive Control

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Xiaoyi Zhu
Danhua He


In this paper, the mean square asymptotic boundedness of a class of stochastic complex systems with different dynamic nodes represented by Ito stochastic differential equations is studied.  By using the Lyapunov function and Ito formula, the mean square asymptotic boundedness and mean square asymptotic stability conditions of stochastic complex systems with different dynamic nodes are obtained.

Stochastic complex networks, mean square asymptotic boundedness, Ito formula.

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Zhu, X., & He, D. (2020). Mean Square Asymptotic Boundedness of Stochastic Complex Networks via Impulsive Control. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 35(5), 10-21.
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