A Novel Modification of Adomian Decomposition Method for Singular BVPs of Emden-Fowler Type

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Somaia Ali Alaqel
Yahya Qaid Hasan


In this paper, we apply a novel Modied of Adomian Decomposition Method (MADM) for solving Singular Boundary Value Problems (BVPs) of Emden-Fowler type of higher order. The higher-order Emden-Fowler equation is characterized by two types. In addition, we test the presented method by several linear and nonlinear examples, and compared the numerical result with the exact solution to illustrate performance and reliability of this method in nding approximate solutions as well as its successful in getting the complete solution in many case.

A Novel Modied of ADM, Higher-order Emden-Fowler Equations, Singular boundary value problems.

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Alaqel, S. A., & Hasan, Y. Q. (2020). A Novel Modification of Adomian Decomposition Method for Singular BVPs of Emden-Fowler Type. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 35(2), 84-100. https://doi.org/10.9734/jamcs/2020/v35i230251
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