A Lomax-inverse Lindley Distribution: Model, Properties and Applications to Lifetime Data

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Terna Godfrey Ieren
Peter Oluwaseun Koleoso
Adana’a Felix Chama
Innocent Boyle Eraikhuemen
Nasiru Yakubu


This article proposed a new extension of the Inverse Lindley distribution called “Lomax-Inverse Lindley distribution” which is more flexible compared to the Inverse Lindley distribution and other similar models. The paper derives and discusses some Statistical properties of the new distribution which include the limiting behavior, quantile function, reliability functions and distribution of order statistics. The parameters of the new model are estimated by method of maximum likelihood estimation. Conclusively, three lifetime datasets were used to evaluate the usefulness of the proposed model and the results indicate that the proposed extension is more flexible and performs better than the other distributions considered in this study.

Inverse lindley distribution, lomax-inverse lindley distribution, statistical properties, order statistics, parameter estimation, applications.

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Ieren, T. G., Koleoso, P. O., Chama, A. F., Eraikhuemen, I. B., & Yakubu, N. (2019). A Lomax-inverse Lindley Distribution: Model, Properties and Applications to Lifetime Data. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 34(3), 1-27. https://doi.org/10.9734/jamcs/2019/v34i3-430208
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