Cell Arrangement Method for Solving Systems of Linear Equations in Three Unknown

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A. Adu-Sackey
G. O. Lartey
F. T. Oduro
Stephen Eduafo


In this paper, we develop an approach for finding the cofactor, ad joint, determinant and inverse of a three by three matrix under the Cell Arrangements method using the coefficient matrix of a given systems of linear equation in three unknowns. The method takes out completely the seemingly daunting task in evaluating such matrices associated to the standard matrix method in solving simultaneous equation in three variable. Unlike the standard matrix method that goes through a lengthy process to obtain separately all the matrices necessary for the determination of the unknowns, the structural frame of the Cell Arrangement method comes in handy and are consistent with the results from systems that have unique solutions. This alternative approach provides all the vital hybrid matrices of the coefficient matrix needed in the determination of the unknowns of the system of equations in three variables. It is our view that by far, the Cell arrangement method is easy to work with and less prone to errors that are often connected with other known methods.

Vector product, array, cofactors, ad joint, determinant, inverse

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Adu-Sackey, A., Lartey, G. O., Oduro, F. T., & Eduafo, S. (2019). Cell Arrangement Method for Solving Systems of Linear Equations in Three Unknown. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 33(1), 1-8. https://doi.org/10.9734/jamcs/2019/v33i130170
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