A Measure for Evaluating the Degree of Slope Rotatability in Three Level Second Order Slope Rotatable Designs

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Chepkemoi Ednah
John Muindi Mutiso
Fredrick Oluoch Nyamwala


Response surface methodology (RSM) often deals with a natural and desirable property rotatability, which requires that, the variance of the predicted response at a point remains constant at all such points that are equidistant from the design center. To achieve stability in prediction variance, this important property of rotatability was developed. Analogous to rotatability, the concept of slope-rotatability has been progressed. The idea of slope - rotatability is an important design criterion for response surface design. Recently, in the design of experiments for response surface analysis, attention has been focused on the estimation of dierences in response rather than absolute value of the response mean itself. The slope-rotatable design is that of which the variance of partial derivative is only a functions of : distance from the design center. If circumstances are such that exact slope rotatability is unattainable because of more cost and time, and more important restrictions such as orthogonal blocking it is still a good idea to make the design as slope rotatable as possible. Thus, it is important to measure the extent of deviation from slope rotatability. In this study, a new measure of the degree of slope-rotatability for three level second-order slope rotatable designs using a pair of a partially balanced incomplete block design is suggested that enables us to assess the degree of slope-rotatability for a given response surface design. This determines the degree slope rotatability for the design when subjected to existing conditions of measure. The measure takes the value zero when the design is exact slope-rotatable, and becomes larger as the design deviates from being slope-rotatable design.

Slope- rotatability, second order slope rotatable designs (SOSRD), measure, partially balanced incomplete block designs (PBIBD).

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Ednah, C., Mutiso, J. M., & Nyamwala, F. O. (2019). A Measure for Evaluating the Degree of Slope Rotatability in Three Level Second Order Slope Rotatable Designs. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 30(6), 1-12. https://doi.org/10.9734/jamcs/2019/v30i630090
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