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2020 - Volume 35 [Issue 7]

Solution of Two-Point Linear and Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems with Neumann Boundary Conditions Using a New Modified Adomian Decomposition Method

Justina Mulenga, Patrick Azere Phiri

Page: 49-60
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Simulation of a Deterministic Model of HIV Transmission between Two Closed Patches

James Khobocha Mirgichan, Cyrus Gitonga Ngari, Stephen Karanja

Page: 1-11
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A Theoretical Model of Corruption Using Modified Lotka Volterra Model: A Perspective of Interactions between Staff and Students

Mercy Kawira, Cyrus Gitonga Ngari, Stephen Karanja

Page: 12-25
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Some Exact Solutions of Compressible and Incompressible Euler Equations

Rulv Li, Zhihui Ye, Yunnan Minzu

Page: 26-37
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A Mathematical Modeling of Tuberculosis Dynamics with Hygiene Consciousness as a Control Strategy

Phineas Z. Mawira, David M. Malonza

Page: 38-48
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Meta-Heuristic Solutions to a Student Grouping Optimization Problem faced in Higher Education Institutions

Kenekayoro Patrick, Biralatei Fawei

Page: 61-74
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Ideally Statistical Convergence in n-normed Space

Nazneen Khan, Amani Shatarah

Page: 75-84
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The Fornberg-Whitham Equation Solved by the Differential Transform Method

Helena Nayar, Patrick Azere Phiri

Page: 85-95
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Fractal Properties of Pore Distribution of Electrospun Nanofiber Membrane

Bai Chun- yu, Chen Ying, Liu Yong, Shi Luo- yi, Chen Ru- dong

Page: 96-105
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Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors for 3×3 Symmetric Matrices: An Analytical Approach

Abu Bakar Siddique, Tariq A. Khraishi

Page: 106-118
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