Countability of Soft Topological Space

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Li Fu
Shujing Li


Based on the soft formal analysis, in this article, the countability of soft topological space is studied. The soft neighborhoods basis of soft points is dened in the soft topology, and the properties of soft basis and soft neighborhoods basis are given. The countable axioms are dened in the soft topological space over the soft formal context, the examples are illustrated for the first countable axioms and the second countable axioms. The properties of the countable axioms are studied, and all the results can be implied to the soft rough topological space.

soft set, soft formal analysis, soft topology, soft neighborhoods, soft basis, countable axioms

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Fu, L., & Li, S. (2019). Countability of Soft Topological Space. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 33(6), 1-11.
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