Homotopy Analysis Decomposition Method for the Solution of Viscous Boundary Layer Flow Due to a Moving Sheet

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S. Alao
R. A. Oderinu
F. O. Akinpelu
E. I. Akinola


This paper investigates a new approach called Homotopy Analysis Decomposition Method (HADM) for solving nonlinear differential equations, the method was developed by incorporating Adomian polynomial into Homotopy Analysis Method. The Adomian polynomial was used to decompose the nonlinear term in the equation then apply the scheme of homotopy analysis method. The accuracy and efficiency of the proposed method was validated by considering algebraically decaying viscous boundary layer  flow due to a moving sheet. Diagonal Pade approximation was used to get the skin friction. The obtained results were presented along with other methods in the literature in tabular form to show the computational efficiency of the new approach. The results were found to agree with those in literature. Owing to its small size of computation, the method is not aected by discretization error as the results are presented in form of polynomials.

Homotopy Analysis Decomposition Method, Homotopy Analysis Method, Nonlinear term, Adomian Polynomial, Skin friction.

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Alao, S., Oderinu, R., Akinpelu, F., & Akinola, E. (2019). Homotopy Analysis Decomposition Method for the Solution of Viscous Boundary Layer Flow Due to a Moving Sheet. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 32(5), 1-7. https://doi.org/10.9734/jamcs/2019/v32i530157
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