An Improved Geo-Textural Based Feature Extraction Vector For Offline Signature Verification

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Kennedy Gyimah
Justice Kwame Appati
Kwaku Darkwah
Kwabena Ansah


In the field of pattern recognition, automatic handwritten signature verification is of the essence. The uniqueness of each person’s signature makes it a preferred choice of human biometrics. However, the unavoidable side-effect is that they can be misused to feign data authenticity. In this paper, we present an improved feature extraction vector for offline signature verification system by combining features of grey level occurrence matrix (GLCM) and properties of image regions. In evaluating the performance of the proposed scheme, the resultant feature vector is tested on a support vector machine (SVM) with varying kernel functions. However, to keep the parameters of the kernel functions optimized, the sequential minimal optimization (SMO) and the least square method was used. Results of the study explained that the radial basis function (RBF) coupled with SMO best support the improved featured vector proposed.

Signature Verification, Feature Extraction, Offline Signature Verification, Sequential Minimal Optimization, Kernel Function, Support Vector Machine

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Gyimah, K., Appati, J., Darkwah, K., & Ansah, K. (2019). An Improved Geo-Textural Based Feature Extraction Vector For Offline Signature Verification. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 32(2), 1-14.
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