Tsĝ-space in Topological Spaces

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M. M. El-Sharkasy


The aim of this paper is to introduce and study the class of sĝ-closed sets, which is properly placed between the classes of semi-closed sets due to Crossley and Hildebrand in 1974 and gs-closed sets due to Arya and Nour in 1990. Also, we investigated the relations of anew notion and the other notions of generalized closed. Moreover as applications, using the notion of sĝ-closed sets, we introduce a new space called T-space.

Generalized closed sets, ĝ-closed sets, sĝ-closed sets, gs-closed sets, spg-closed sets, gsp-closed sets and sĝ-closed sets

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El-Sharkasy, M. M. (2016). Tsĝ-space in Topological Spaces. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science, 15(6), 1-7. https://doi.org/10.9734/BJMCS/2016/25602
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